Our team of women.

We are so excited to introduce to you our very special team of women at Chamak Society (CS) that we respect and adore. Meet our Aunties!
The term “aunties” is respectfully used in South Asian culture to address women that are wiser and older. These lovely ladies are the ones behind the detailed “kaam” (handiwork in Urdu) that make our Chamak Society pieces so unique. Chamak Society is establishing a practice, where artisans, like our aunties, who create the kaam are credited for their work. We also empower our aunties with fair wages and flexible schedules, all with one goal in mind: to create a strong sense of community where their work is recognized.

Our very shy aunties were kind enough to allow us to photograph them during last Ramadan, where they all chose to socialize and work together in the spirit of the holy month of fasting. On the especially hot days in their town our team at CS couriered all the fabric materials to our aunties so that they could work from the comfort of their homes. When you support Chamak Society, you support these aunties and give us the opportunity to give back to more women in communities like theirs.

Chamak Society was founded not only to create beautiful fusion streetwear but to ensure that each product is made ethically in Pakistan from start to finish. We made it our duty to appreciate the craftsmanship behind the kaam, and more so the individuals who create the kaam. As we grow, we will continue to apply such values as we employ more local artisans and manufacturers in Pakistan.

We are so grateful to our aunties for letting us share these amazing photos with you so can see the women that you directly support with every purchase.